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I contributed to another writers’ roundtable discussion on Sean Taylor’s blog. This was the new topic:

What is your favorite genre to read? To write? If they're not the same, why is that?

Check it out here:

Whoops! I've been remiss in not letting you know that THE ADVENTURES OF BASIL & MOEBIUS VOLUME ONE is available now through the link below.

Basil and Moebius are the creations of my talented friend and collaborator Ryan Schifrin​, and they are very cool indeed. The three graphic novellas in VOLUME ONE were written by Ryan and Larry Hama and drawn by a number of talented artists. Dave Dorman did the cover.

I don't have any material in VOLUME ONE. But I have contributed several stories to the ongoing saga, and you'll see them in the coming months along with great stuff by Timothy Zahn​ and Greg Bear.

Anyway, check it out!

IRON KINGDOMS EXCURSIONS SEASON 2 VOLUME 4 is available for preorder and includes new stories by Josh Vogt, Orrin Grey, and me. Check it out:

The BLACKGUARDS anthology is available for preorder. I think this is going to be a really good one, and I'd say that even if it didn't have one of my sword-and-sorcery stories about my character Selden in it. (I might not say it quite as often, but I'd still say it.) For more information, follow the link:

And on a more or less unrelated note, thanks to SwampCon for having me as an Author Guest this past weekend!

Here's one more reminder that I will be at SwampCon​ on Saturday doing three panels with Bill Hatfield​.

I contributed to this round table discussion of visceral writing. Check it out:

I'll be at Dragon Con 2015

I'm pleased that Dragon Con 2015 has accepted me as a program participant.

I reviewed THE LOFT

I reviewed THE LOFT for the Dirge Magazine website. You can read that here:

Round table discussion of Point of View

Sean Taylor put together a round table discussion of Point of View. Quite a few writers participated, including me. You can read it here:

Here is the Author List for the Gen Con 2015 Writer's Symposium, which I'd proud to say includes me.



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