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If you look at P. 404 of the August 2016 issue of PREVIEWS (the new one), you'll find Magnetic Press's listing for THE FATE OF ALL FOOLS, a Basil & Moebius graphic novel copiloted by series creator Ryan Schifrin and me and scripted by me. This is my big entry into the comics field, I'm excited about it, and I hope you'll preorder it at your friendly neighborhood comics shop.
Hey, Tampa Bay friends, the voting for the Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Awards is now open. May I respectfully suggest that you back Necronomicon for Best Literary Event, the Comics Club for Best Comics Shop, Jeff Strand for Best Fiction Writer, and Lynne Hansen for Best Filmmaker?

I'll be at Metricon this Saturday (7/23)

I'l be at Metrocon this coming Saturday (7/23.) I have two panels, one at 3 PM and one at 6 PM, both in Room 21 of the Tampa Convention Center. Naturally, if anyone wants books signed, I'll be happy to do that after a panel ends.
My short story "Death in the Walled Warren," which is my return to Vladawen Titanslayer and the Scarred Lands universe, is now available at DriveThruPRG.

My (preliminary) Gen Con 2016 schedule

It's possible a couple things might still get added, but so far, here's my Gen Con schedule (these are all seminars in the Gen Con Writer's Symposium.)

You wil note that so far, I have no signings. But I'll be happy sign material you bring to the seminars.


Noon – Business of Writing 101 – Westin - Congress I

2 PM – Writer’s Craft: Show, Don’t Tell – Westin - Caucus

5 PM – Write What You Know – Westin - Chamber


11 AM – Writing Novels: Story Breadcrumbs – Westin - Caucus

2 PM – Writing Novels – POV Head Hopping – Westin - Caucus

5 PM – Business of Writing: Media Tie-In Market – Westin - Congress I

6 PM – Writer’s Craft: Introducing New Worlds in Novels – Westin - Capital I


Noon – Business of Writing: Knowing When To Quit – Westin - Congress I

More Basil & Moebius on the way!

Magnetic Press announces new titles for its second year including more Basil & Moebius prose stories by yours truly and a graphic novel about the guys plotted by series creator Ryan Schifrin and me and scripted by me.

Check out Stormtalons!

Stormtalons is the cool new fantasy setting from The Ed Greenwood Group! (I'll have a Stormtalons novel out early next year.)

Check it out: http://onderlibrum.com/2016/07/stormtalons-the-realms-youre-looking-for/

The lesson from today's writing session

Sometimes Writer A (one of the greats, long deceased, alas) has written about something utterly alien and surreal and opted to describe it in a figurative, abstract, at-arm's-length sort of way that leaves it wonderfully mysterious and makes the most of the reader's imagination.

Long after, Writer B attempts a pastiche of the original work, and because his story is a somewhat different kind of story, he has no choice but to describe the surreal phenomena in a much more concrete and specific way than Writer A did. You know what happens then?

Writer B is forcibly reminded that Writer A was smart.

Today I am Writer B.
I was on this podcast along with Hal Greenberg and Erik Scott de Bie. If you didn't catch it alive, you can see the recorded version here.




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