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Thanks to Chris Jameson (thanks, Chris!), I now know that, contrary to what I posted previously, my new fantasy novel BLACK DOGS is already available in all formats, eBook, audiobook, AND paper-and-ink.

The story is set in the Iron Kingdoms universe of Privateer Press and stars the Black River Irregulars, the mercenary band who appeared previously in my novella MURDER IN CORVIS. I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that if you enjoyed it when I wrote about a mercenary company in the Forgotten Realms, you'll enjoy these new stories as well.

Anyway, here I am plugging the novel one more time and letting you know that if old-school paper-and-ink is your preferred format, you need not wait until November to read it that way. You can get it that way now. Just follow the link:
I know how it is. You're desperate to read WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS 2, edited by Kat Rocha (an anthology of terrific Lovecraftian horror stories by fine writers like Laird Barron and Cody Goodfellow, plus you get a little something from me.) Yet you shun ebooks with their attendant risk of deadly electric shock.

Well, don't despair, little shoggoth! The paper-and-ink edition of the book is imminent, and you can order it here:
So, following up on yesterday's confusion about the actual release date of my novel BLACK DOGS...

An intrepid investigator tells me that Amazon does indeed have the Kindle and audiobook editions available as of today. So if one of those is your preferred mode of reading, you're good to go, although I'm guessing the paperback will not be out until 11/9 as per what the publisher told me.

For those who are interested, here's the link to the book on Amazon:
In case you missed my comment on my earlier post....

BLACK DOGS is NOT coming out tomorrow ()which is also my birthday.) I thought it was. Amazon said it was. But the publisher informs me it's been pushed back to 11/9.

So that stuff I said about the synergy of the book release and my birthday? It turns out, not so much. But I still maintain that if you want to help me celebrate my birthday, preordering the novel on Amazon would be a fine way to do it (but only if you actually want to read the beast, of course.)
BLACK DOGS comes out tomorrow. It's the first in a fantasy trilogy about the Black River Irregulars, a mercenary company that operates in the Iron Kingdoms universe of Privateer Press. You may have read about these guys previously in my novella MURDER IN CORVIS.

Tomorrow is also my birthday.

So, given the coincidence, let me just say this:

If you're interested in BLACK DOGS, if you were going to buy it at some point, preordering it today or buying it tomorrow in an effort to rocket it up the Amazon sales charts on its release date would be a greatly appreciated birthday present.

Thanks for your consideration.

Check out an excerpt from BLACK DOGS

Here's an excerpt from BLACK DOGS, my new fantasy novel coming out this month from Privateer Press! BLACK DOGS is set in the Iron Kingdoms universe and stars the Black River Irregulars, the mercenaries who previously starred in my novella MURDER IN CORVIS. Enjoy!

Lo, I am mentioned!

I wasn't actually on the show, but I and a future project of mine were mentioned on the Grim Tidings podcast. You can listen to that here:

I've got a new Basil & Moebius novelette out: "The Picture of Aleister Crowley!" This time around, the guys infiltrate a swanky but sinister house party in Sicily and end up confronting the occult legacy of the Great Beast himself. Check it out:
The listing for my forthcoming Iron Kingdoms/Black River Irregulars novel BLACK DOGS (and for my novella MURDER IN CORVIS0 on Privateer Press's own site. The beautiful cover art shows up bigger here than on Amazon, and of course all the other info is here as well.
My novella MURDER IN CORVIS is the prequel to BLACK DOGS, my first Iron Kingdoms novel, coming from Privateer Press in September. You can now get MiC for just $2.99. (It isn't NECESSARY to read MiC to appreciate BD, but it's a good yarn if I do say so myself, and you might as well be fully up to speed from Page One of BD. Right?)




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