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An interview with me about James Bond

Corey Redekop interviewed me about 007 and LICENSE EXPIRED: THE UNAUTHORIZED JAMES BOND. Check it out:

Not sure what happens if someone in the US tries to preorder, but here is the link to License Expired: the Unauthorized James Bond, in which I will have a story.
It has now been determined that my first full-length Iron Kingdoms novel from Privateer Press​ will be called BLACK DOGS and that it's coming out in March, 2016.

The book stars the mercenary company the Black River Irregulars who also starred in my novella MURDER IN CORVIS. If you missed that one, you can get it here in either eBook or audiobook form. (Unlike the novella, BLACK DOGS will also be available as a paper-and-in book.)
 There's a book launch party for License Expired: the Unauthorized James Bond: (in which I have a story.) Here's the info:

I will be a guest at CONjure 2016

I'm proud to announce that I will be a guest at CONjure 2016. I was a guest at the previous CONjure as well, and it was a lot of fun with plenty of cool, imaginative programming.

CONjure currently has a Kickstarter running to build up their war chest to do even more cool stuff the next time around. I hope you'll check it out.

Hellmaw comes to the Side Project Podcast!

In Episode 28 of the Side Project Podcast, Ed Greenwood, Erik Scott de Bie, and Chris A, Jackson discuss the new Ed Greenwood Group, publisher of new fiction/gaming shared universes, in  general and Hellmaw, the urban fantasy/horror milieu that is the first of those settings, in particular. You can listen here:

THE BARD'S TALE is now available!

The eBook edition of THE BARD'S TALE is now available! (I believe the print edition will follow shortly.) This is an anthology of fantasy stories focused on bards, edited by Daniel Myers​ (who also provides authentic medieval recipes) and with terrific stories by Ed Greenwood​, Maxwell Alexander Drake​, Rosemary Jones​, Donald J. Bingle​, Gabrielle Harbowy​, Kelly Swails​, Brian Pettera​, and a number of others. Plus, you get a new story from me about my character Selden the fencing master and part-time sword for hire. Check it out here:
WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS VOLUME 2 is available now as an eBook (paperback coming next year)! This is a new Lovecraftian anthology edited by Kat Rocha​ and full of stories by great Mythos writers like Laird Barron​ and Orrin Grey​, plus you get something new from me. If you're interested, you can check it out here:



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