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The listing for my forthcoming Iron Kingdoms/Black River Irregulars novel BLACK DOGS (and for my novella MURDER IN CORVIS0 on Privateer Press's own site. The beautiful cover art shows up bigger here than on Amazon, and of course all the other info is here as well.
My novella MURDER IN CORVIS is the prequel to BLACK DOGS, my first Iron Kingdoms novel, coming from Privateer Press in September. You can now get MiC for just $2.99. (It isn't NECESSARY to read MiC to appreciate BD, but it's a good yarn if I do say so myself, and you might as well be fully up to speed from Page One of BD. Right?)

I posted previously that the Audible and Kindle editions of my Iron Kingdoms novel BLACK DOGS are available for preorder. Now I see that, for those who prefer books made of protons and neutrons as well as electrons, the print edition is as well. Here's the link:

Paizo is currently running a sale on Pathfinder fantasy novels inlcluding my book CALLED TO DARKNESS. You can check it out here:

I noted previously that the Audible edition of BLACK DOGS (my next fantasy novel) was available for preorder. Now the Kindle edition is, too. The book is the first in a trilogy about the Iron Kingdoms mercenary company the Black River Irregulars, whom you may have encountered previously in my novella MURDER IN CORVIS.

'll be at the Pinellas Comic + Maker Con on 9/10/16. My panels are at noon and 3PM. Hope to see some of you there.


My final Gen Con 2016 schedule

Okay, this, I believe, is my final, ultimate, that's-all-there-is-there-ain't-no-more Gen Con 2016 schedule. I now have a signing in the Paizo booth. I assume they'll have PATHFINDER TALES: CALLED TO DARKNESS for sale, but of course I'll be happy to sign any of my other stuff if you bring it to me. I'll also gladly sign stuff if you catch me after a panel or just wandering aimlessly as is my wont.


Noon – Business of Writing 101 – Westin - Congress I

2 PM – Writer’s Craft: Show, Don’t Tell – Westin – Caucus

5 PM – Write What You Know – Westin - Chamber


11 AM – Writing Novels: Story Breadcrumbs – Westin – Caucus

2 PM – Writing Novels – POV Head Hopping – Westin – Caucus

4 PM – Signing – Paizo booth (403) – Dealer’s Room – Indiana Convention Center

5 PM – Business of Writing: Media Tie-In Market – Westin - Congress I

6 PM – Writer’s Craft: Introducing New Worlds in Novels – Westin - Capital I


Noon – Business of Writing: Knowing When To Quit – Westin - Congress I
SNAFU: Unnatural Selection isvailable now! New military horror fiction by terrific writers like James A. Moore, Charles R Rutledge, Tim Lebbon, and Christopher Golden, plus you get a new novelette by me.
If you look at P. 404 of the August 2016 issue of PREVIEWS (the new one), you'll find Magnetic Press's listing for THE FATE OF ALL FOOLS, a Basil & Moebius graphic novel copiloted by series creator Ryan Schifrin and me and scripted by me. This is my big entry into the comics field, I'm excited about it, and I hope you'll preorder it at your friendly neighborhood comics shop.
Hey, Tampa Bay friends, the voting for the Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Awards is now open. May I respectfully suggest that you back Necronomicon for Best Literary Event, the Comics Club for Best Comics Shop, Jeff Strand for Best Fiction Writer, and Lynne Hansen for Best Filmmaker?



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