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I was on this podcast along with Hal Greenberg and Erik Scott de Bie. If you didn't catch it alive, you can see the recorded version here.

I have now set up my profile in the SFWA Speaker's Bureau, so you should all hire me to teach you everything I know. It doesn't cost much, and it won't take long.
Today I attended my first-ever American Library Association Conference in Orlando. I was there manning the Horror Writers Association table for a while. A few random impressions:

It's basically like a big SF convention dealer's room with a couple panel rooms running off to the sides, only more sedate.

There are people selling a surprisng amounto of stuff that isn't books. Furniture, bookmobiles, data systems, etc. Pretty much everything a public library system need. In other words, this event is the "business's" trade show. Makes sense, but it's not quite what I was expecting.

With regard to vendors, the saddest thing I saw was this. One booth was selling digital conversion of material preserved by older technologies, and they had a banner that basically said, "Convert your shitty old paper and microfilm  records to digital." And right across from them was the booth trying to sell microfilm systems. Good luck with that.

To me, another oddity among the vendors was the publisher that exists to keep L. Ron Hubbard's science fiction in print. Granted, west central Florida is a big area for Scientologists, so their presence makes a certain amount of sense, but still, it's just odd to see anybody making a fuss over Battflefield Earth in 2016.

The library system of Qatar had a booth, which seems to me to be proof positiive that Qatar has so much money they truly don't know what to do with it all.

The most interesting-looking idnividual I saw cruising around was a fellow from the Library of Congress booth. He was a very bookish looking ectomorph in a tan suit with a plaid bowtie and matching pocket handerchief. I'm pretty sure he was actually the living god of NPR walking incognito among the mortals.
Here's the Kickstarter for the fantasy anthology THE AWAKENED II. I have a story in it, and I hope you'll check out the campaign.

I'll be a guest on the MythWits podcast at 9:30 PM tonight. You can listen and submit questions at this link.

Black Dogs is coming from Privateer Press!

This is the first novel in my new fantasy trilogy set in the Iron Kingdoms universe. It stars the Black River Irregulars, the merceanries who previously appeared in my novella Murder in Corvis.

Natiurally, the novel will be available In print and eBook editions, too, but Audible is first out of the gate with a solicitation.

Now officially available for preorder: SNAFU: UNNATURAL SELECTION from Cohesion Press. New military horror stories by terrific writers like James A. Moore, Tim Lebbon, Charles R Rutledge, Christopher Golden, and Michael McBride, plus you get a new novelette by me.
Gen Con Event Registration is now open. For those harboring a desperate desire to hear me run my mouth, this is my schedule in the Writer's Symposium seminars:


Business of Writing 101, noon
Writer's Craft: Show, Don't Tell, 2 PM
Writer's Craft: Write What You Know, 5 PM


Writing Novels: Story Breadcrumbs, 11 AM
Writing Novels: POV Head Hopping, 2 PM
Business of Writing, Media Tie-IN Market, 5 PM
Writer's Craft: Introducing New Worlds in Novels, 6 PM


Business of Writing: Knowing When To Quit, noon. (Yes, I know, there are people who think I should have quit years ago, but I'm on it anyway, possibly to provide a bad example.)

I may have additional events in conjunction with one publisher or another,but this is it so far.



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