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A bunch of excellent horror writers have new stories in the new anthology BLOOD SUSHI, and there's also something new from me. It drops August 10th, but you can preorder it right now. Just follow the link:

CTHULHU FHTAGN is now available for preorder

CTHULHU FHTAGN is now available for preorder. This is an anthology of new Lovecraft-inspired stories by a bunch of great Mythos writers. It has also has a little something new from me.


Behold, I got quoted!

Nice little article in which I am quoted. Thanks to Jinx Strange​ of Dirge Magazine​ for drawing it to my attention.

My schedule for Gen Con 2015

At the moment, this is my Gen Con​ schedule. (You never know, more stuff might get added at the last minute.)


9 AM – Business of Writing 101, ICC 244

11 AM – Where to Start the Story (Moderator), ICC 243

2 PM – When to Show, When to Tell, ICC 245

3 PM – Professional Organizations, ICC 244


Noon – Paizo author signing, Paizo area, dealer's hall

3 PM – Authors to Inspire You, ICC 244

6 PM – Epiphanies and Defining Moments, ICC 245


Noon – Paizo author signing, Paizo area, dealer's hall

2 PM – Sentient Non-Humans, ICC 244


Noon – Satisfying Conclusions, ICC 242

Please remember that even though they're free, it's a good idea to get a ticket for Gen Con Writer's Symposium seminars. That guarantees that you will get in. It also allows us to show the head honchos of Gen Con that people are interested in our programming track. In other words, it makes sure that we will be back in 2016.

Thank you, LibCon 15

Thanks to LibCon for having me as an author guest today. It was a great event, and I had a lot of fun.

I was on Episode Two of the Pulp Talk Podcast

I was on Episode Two of the Pulp Talk Podcast with Derrick Ferguson, Gary Phillips, Steven Ross, and host Percival Constantine. You can catch that on iTunes or click on the link below to listen it on YouTube.

I have a story in NONBINARY REVIEW #5

I have a story in NONBINARY REVIEW #5, the King in Yellow issue.

From that, horror fans will understand that my story spins out of Robert W. Chambers's mythology of cosmic fear. But I also want to mention that my story features swordplay and stars Aldo Nadi, often considered the greatest fencer of the 20th Century. So sword-and-sorcery fans and fencers may like this one, too.

You can get the story by downloading the free Lithomobilus app. When you do, you will get five issues of NONBINARY REVIEW including the one with my story for free along with it. The app runs on iPads and iPhones.

Here's the link:



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