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The Murky Vault of Shadowy Darkness

The Murky Vault is currently closed to submissions. We anticipate reopening in February of 2016. Please note that even when we are open, we do not read during months that begin with M, J, or any vowel.

What we publish: Sublime stories of literary genius that illuminate the human condition in exquisite, nuanced prose while delivering a fast-paced yarn with scares galore. Think D. H. Lawrence writing “Rise of the Giant Leeches.”

Our focus is supernatural terror in all its aspects. But please, no ghosts, poltergeists, revenants, haunted houses, haunted or accursed objects, dybbuks, possession, devils, the Devil, devil worshippers, succubi, incubi, warlocks, witches, magic, werewolves, skinwalkers, shapeshifters, zombies, vampires, golems, Cthulhu Mythos, or entities from other dimensions. Leprechauns can also be a hard sell.

We are eager to see stories featuring individuals and cultures underrepresented in popular fiction. But only if the story is impervious to any and all accusations of insensitivity, stereotyping, and/or cultural misappropriation (you racist bastard.) We recommend that authors aspiring to depict characters different from themselves work toward a doctorate in cultural anthropology, focus their studies on the group in question, and write the story upon graduation.

As you may have gathered, we’re after a very particular kind of story. The best way to understand our needs is to purchase all previous issues of the magazine (Numbers 1 through 37.) Then memorize them.

Response time: Variable. But your literary executor should feel free to query if he hasn’t heard from us within three years of your demise.

Payment: 10% discount on the cover price of one copy of the issue of the magazine in which your story appears.


I will be at Metrocon on Saturday, July 12

will be at Florida Metrocon on Saturday, July 12.

This is my panel schedule:

2:00 pm - Q&A/Would You Rather…

3:00 pm - Dr. Who

4:00 pm - Star Trek/Star Wars

6:00 pm - DC/Marvel

This is where to find info on Metrocon:

What's up with Airlock Alpha?

Some of you may know I write an opinion column for the SF news site Airlock Alpha. You may also know that the site has been more or less inactive of late. Here's a post from Michael Hinman, Airlock Alpha's head honcho, that explains the problem and what he needs to solve it.

The Kindle Countdown Deal for ZOMBIES IN PARADISE in now running on both and

ZOMBIES IN PARADISE is a collection of five of my best horror stories, all featuring the undead.

To get the best price, buy during the first twenty-four hours of the promotion (although you will still save money if you buy on Day Two or Three.)

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, June 6), I'll be running a Kindle Countdown Deal on ZOMBIES IN PARADISE, my horror collection of stories featuring the undead. The KDP will run on both and

Murder in Corvis

I'm pleased to announce that Privateer Press will be publishing my novella Murder in Corvis in the fall. Its a fantasy murder mystery set in the world of the Iron Kingdoms that explains how the mercenaries of the Black River Irregulars first came together. You can read more about it and see the cool cover on the Privateer Press blog, which is here:

A kind review of ZOMBIES IN PARADISE

Shawm Michael Vogt has posted a generous review of my horror collection Zombies in Paradise. You can find it here:



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