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My Impostor books are now available in terrific new editions from my friends at Rothco Press. There are eBooks and also paper-and-ink books for those wary of the lethal radiation emitted by e-readers.

Seriously, if superheroes, super-villains, alien invaders, and/orthe post-apocalypse are your thing, I hope you'll check these out and maybe even review them. I'm eager to continue the series, and it's support for the first two volumes that will make that possible.

THE GHOST IN THE STONE is now available!

Here's the link to buy THE GHOST IN THE STONE, my new Stormtalons fantasy novel, for a limited time available only through the Onder Librum site at a special introductory price.
Onder Librum (AKA The Ed Greenwood Group) has revealed the cover (and a bit of info) about THE GHOST IN THE STONE, my Stormtalons fantasy novel due out at the end of the month. Check it out here:
This is my programming schedule for Necronomicon 2016 in Tampa October 28-30 (more info about the con at http://www.stonehill.org/necro.htm


Realism vs. the Needs of the Story – 2 PM –Audubon D-E

Humorous Fiction: How to Keep It Funny – 4 PM – Audubon D-E

Short Fiction: Where to Start the Story – 5 PM – Audubon E

Writing Dialogue: It’s Not Just People Talking – 6 PM – Audubon C

Plotting a Mystery – 9 PM – White Ibis South


Horror: Is Splatter Necessary? – 11 AM – Audubon C

Being Professional: What Beginning Writers Need to Know – Noon – Audubon D-E

Writing Horror: Drawing on Urban Legends – 2 PM – Audubon C

Movies and Monsters – 4 PM – Audubon C

Super-Villain Smackdown – 5 PM – Audubon F


Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me – 11 AM – Audubon F

Star Trek: Boldly Going Beyond – 1 PM – Audubon C
SNAFU: BLACK OPS is now available for preorder at a special price! You'll get new military horror stories from terrific writers like Jonathan Mayberry, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, James A. Moore, Charles R. Rutledge, Christine Morgan, Tim Marquiz, and J. M. Martin, plus there's a little something from me. Check it out here:
My short story "The Fishing Hole" is now available for a mere, a lousy, 99 cents! This is urban fantasy set in the Hellmaw universe created by Ed Greenwood.



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