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There's a new eBook edition of my horror novel DEAD TIME out from the fine people at Crossroad Press. It's already available on Amazon and will be listed at Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and all the usual suspects in the very near future.

DEAD TIME combines the thrills and chills of supernatural horror with the twisty logic of classic time travel stories. The hero faces malevolent spirits and also has to worry about creating paradoxes, altering his own past, erasing himself from existence, and all that kind of thing.

Here's a link to the book on Amazon:
Well, I've now watched Season One of IRON FIST all the way through, and my final judgment is that I was disappointed.

The show's been criticized over such issues as cultural misappropriation and the trope of the white savior, and perhaps those criticisms are justified. I'lll leave it to those who have more insight and sensitivity concerning those matters to judge. But my own problems involved basic storytelling choices and craft.

My biggest problem was that Danny just didn't seem like the same youthful, likable, heroic character I've enjoyed in the comics. I believe I know why this is. The writers chose to make him considerably more flawed.

And of course, that's a standard storytelling technique. You often give a protagonist significant flaws so you can show him learning and growing through the course of a story.

But I think IRON FIST demonstrates that writers can do this well or not so well. It's possible to depict the flawed protagonist's failings in a way that make us empathize with him less and enjoy his journey less, and that was my reaction here.

I'll be at Dragon Con this year

I'm pleased to say I will be an Attending Professional at Dragon Con 2017.

Thank you, SwampCon 2017

Thanks to SwampCon for having me as a writer guest this past weekend. The event was a lot of fun, con staff took good care of me, and I hope those who attended found the panels and writer's workshop to be worthwhile.

My panel schedule for SwampCon 2017

This is my panel schedule for SwampCon this coming weekend.

Saturday 11 AM - Noon - Writing the Character (or World) With Whom You Disagree

Saturday 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM - Ugly Truths About Publishing I Wish I’d Known Starting Out

Saturday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Writing 101: The Basics of Story Structure, Characterization, etc.

Sunday 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM - Plotters vs. Pantsers (Planning the Story in Advance vs. Winging It)

Sunday 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Writer’s Workshop

You can get more info about SwampCon at swampcon.org
January 14-15 I'll be at SwampCon in Gainesville doing panels and a writer's workshop with Bill Hatfield and Armand Rosamilia. Come join us if you can.

The writer's workshop can accommodate a limited number of participants and requires advance registration and a little preparation on your part.

Follow the link to learn more about the con. The sign-up for the writer's workshop is under the Registration tab.

A sweet albeit brief respite

Up until now, I haven't taken any days off for the holidays. (Christmas Eve and Christmas fell on the weekend, when I try not to have to do a whole lot of work anyway.)

But as of today, I have more than 15,000 words done of a novel I wasn't even expecting to start until January 2nd, and I am damn well taking the rest of 2016 off!
Previously available only on the Onder Librum site, my Stormtalons novel THE GHOST IN THE STONE is now available on Amazon. So if you were waiting to get it using an Amazon gift card, your Amazon Prime membership, or some such, YOUR HOUR IS AT HAND!

And you know, if you already did get it via Onder Librum but you're just bursting with the urge to share your opinion of it with the world, you can still post a review on Amazon. The Amazon Gestapo won't come in the night and kick in your door or anything. Or at least I don't think so.



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